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Recency Bias Erodes Discipline and Destroys Investor Returns: Reconsidering Reinsurance

Resisting recency bias, writes Larry Swedroe, is the key to earning the premiums available from all risk assets, including reinsurance. By Larry Swedroe Among the errors discussed in my book “Investment Mistakes Even Smart Investors Make and How to Avoid Them” is one called “recency.” Recency bias is the tendency to overweight recent events/trends and …Read More.

It’s Important To Be Educated

Overview: The following are some key investing principles that investors should know. The Importance of Education It is our desire and intent to educate clients about how capital markets work and to provide them with the information necessary for their financial well-being. The advice to invest in passively managed funds is significantly different from most …Read More.

A Message Worth Repeating

Overview: Stay the course. We repeat that advice again and again. It is a message we would not repeat if we did not truly believe it was in your best interests. The following discusses why our message is the same regardless of market conditions. Our advice has always been — and will always be — …Read More.

Rules of Prudent Investing

Overview: The following rules can help investors build and adhere to a well-designed investment plan. The following investing guidelines may be instrumental in giving investors the best chance of achieving their financial goals. Constructing an Investment Plan Recognize that the ability, willingness and need to take risk is different for everyone. Plans fail because investors …Read More.

Resolutions for 2013

Overview: Author Carl Richards, director of investor education for the BAM ALLIANCE, shares his views on New Year’s resolutions. The New Year’s holiday is a great time to reflect on what’s really important to us. Spending time with family and friends can help us get focused on where we’re at right now and where we …Read More.

Lessons From 2012

Overview: Each year, author Larry Swedroe, director of research for the BAM ALLIANCE, takes a look back at the investing lessons the markets provided in the past year. Introduction Over the majority of 2012, our collective attention was focused on several events: Our continuing fiscal deficits and our ability to continue to fund them What …Read More.

Delaying Social Security Benefits

It can be tempting to begin taking Social Security benefits the moment you are eligible. The following discusses some reasons why you may want to delay taking your benefits. You’re ready to retire and have paid a lot into the Social Security system. But now that you’re finally eligible for benefits, you might be hearing …Read More.

Debunking Hedge Fund Myths

This article looks at six myths surrounding hedge funds and some of the reasons why many high net worth investors continue to invest in hedge funds despite growing academic evidence and reports by more than a few in the financial media that hedge funds are “mad, bad and dangerous.”1 The evolving body of information about …Read More.

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