In Context Newsletter – Fall 2013

The third quarter certainly had its fair share of stress for investors. As the quarter came to a close, it was clear the federal government would undergo a partial shutdown on October 1. As if that was not enough, the debt ceiling deadline loomed. There was concern the federal government might default on Treasury bond principal and interest payments or other financial commitments if Congress and the White House failed to act before October 17… …Read More.

What You Should Know About Call Options

A call option contract gives the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy a security at a predetermined price (the strike price) on a specific date (European call) or during a specific period (American call). A call is “in the money” when the current price of the stock is trading above the strike price and “out of the money” when the reverse is true. …Read More.

In Context Newsletter – Summer 2013

Interest rates have risen significantly in 2013 with the five-year Treasury rate up 0.67 percent through the end of the second quarter. To put this increase in perspective, from the end of 1962 through 2012, there were 17 other years when interest rates increased this much or more over an entire year. The recent increase in interest rates has led to questions about why they have risen so substantially and what the implications are… …Read More.

It’s Important To Be Educated

Overview: The following are some key investing principles that investors should know. The Importance of Education It is our desire and intent to educate clients about how capital markets work and to provide them with the information necessary for their financial well-being. The advice to invest in passively managed funds is significantly different from most …Read More.

A Message Worth Repeating

Overview: Stay the course. We repeat that advice again and again. It is a message we would not repeat if we did not truly believe it was in your best interests. The following discusses why our message is the same regardless of market conditions. Our advice has always been — and will always be — …Read More.

Understanding Interest Rate Movements

Investors have been living with low interest rates from late 2008 through current times. Interest rates have been so low for so long that the recent upswing in rates caught many investors by surprise. From the beginning of the year through June 20, the 10-year Treasury rate went up by 0.67 percent from 1.75 percent …Read More.

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