Susan Shackelford-Davis

St. Louis, MO Office
Investment Advisor Representative: KEB Asset Management, LLC

Susan has been helping client’s solve their most challenging financial problems for 30+ years. Starting in the insurance industry in the late 70’s, she had the opportunity to learn investment, insurance, estate and business planning from some of the best practitioners in the industry. The learning and experience gained moved her towards planning and away from product sales eventually starting her own investment and planning firm.

Over the next decade, she sought the best investment and planning tools available in the market place. The greatest challenge was obtaining and maintaining portfolios that were adequately diversified and stayed that way. Portfolios were for the most part managed by selecting fund managers who promised to deliver above market results. Active management as it is called proved consistently disappointing in terms of performance, diversification and staying true to its original asset class designation.

In the mid 90’s institutional asset class funds became available to utilize in individual portfolios. These funds were and are designed to capture risk and return providing intense, global diversification while keeping the internal costs low. Introduced to these funds by a business colleague, these funds soon became the tool of choice for clients and eventually Susan joined the colleague’s firm becoming a principal.

Over the years, successful clients have shared three characteristics. They have a plan. They have a good team of advisors and financial tools that focus on reducing cost and extensive diversification.  We are pleased to help our clients identify their cherished objectives, overcome the obstacles in the process and enjoy the satisfaction of achieving their important goals.

Educated at Wheaton College, Susan graduated top of the Psychology department with a BA degree emphasizing math and biology.



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