Set Your Goals

It’s tough to prepare for your financial future when you don’t know what you don’t know. Wealth Advisor Sue Stevens looks at some foundational planning questions to consider by decade. When a new client comes to our office for the first time, we typically start by asking “How can we help?” Starting a relationship with …Read More.

The Historical Imperative for International Diversification

Don’t allow relatively short periods of performance to influence long-term investment strategies. Larry Swedroe looks at how home-country bias and recency can imperil proper international diversification. I’ve been getting lots of questions about the benefits of international diversification. The questions are variations of “Why do I want to own these poorly performing investments that also …Read More.

Do You Really Want to Retire?

Sick of your job? Should you simply retire? Wealth Advisor Connie Brezik looks at some of the issues, financial and otherwise, with using retirement as a way to resolve workplace angst. Recently, the “I want to retire” mantra seems to be an ever more common theme. I am even hearing a greater number of people …Read More.

Life 2.0

Life 2.0 can be anything you choose, if you’re willing to start building a solid plan early enough. Wealth Advisor Sue Stevens explores what it takes to turn that second career or ideal retirement into reality. Most of us have caught ourselves day dreaming about what could be someday. I see this happen a lot …Read More.

Your Home Is a Personal Asset

Wealth Advisor Connie Brezik looks at why it can be prudent to think about your home as a personal asset, not an investment. Your home is your sanctuary. It is your comfort zone and where you spend a good deal of your time. You sleep, cook, eat and entertain at home. For some, you may …Read More.

Factors Are For Holding

We have met the enemy, and he is us. Larry Swedroe unpacks some new research that suggests individuals do invest in successful factor-based strategies, but destroy returns through their poor trading behavior. In their June 1992 Journal of Finance article, “The Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns,” professors Eugene Fama and Kenneth French revolutionized the way …Read More.

What’s in a Fund Name?

After reviewing a study on the composition of mutual fund portfolios, Larry Swedroe concludes investors cannot rely on an active fund’s name, or even its stated objective, when seeking exposure to factor characteristics. Most of the focus of the literature on active mutual funds has been on the question about their performance and the related …Read More.

The Trouble with Convenience

Mindful spending can be awfully tough when purchases are just a click, swipe or tap away. Associate Wealth Advisor Kurt Wunderlich looks at strategies for leveraging convenience in a way that enhances, not diminishes, your financial life. Young professionals beginning to accumulate wealth have grown up alongside some stunning advances in personal technology. Many such …Read More.

Climate Change Investing Research

A recent study investigated how mutual funds respond when investors call for climate responsibility. Larry Swedroe unpacks its results and what they mean for investors who express their social preferences through fund selection. The 2015 Paris Agreement recognized finance as an important element to successfully transition to a low carbon economy. Policymakers hoped to achieve this …Read More.

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