Our Mission and Philosophy

We offer a sensible approach, with a design to put you at ease.

Investors like to be secure. So we conduct our business based on values our clients appreciate. Our principles define the way we work and paint a picture of what it’s like to work with us. KEB Asset Management, LLC designs every aspect of the process with your investments in mind. You deserve knowledgeable individualized attention, so that is our focus.

We get to know your personal goals and your level of risk tolerance. We create a map and use it. Investors who don’t follow a plan often find themselves short of their goals and missing the mark. Together we draw a clear investment map designed to last for years. We follow it closely and keep tabs on progress. We help you remain consistent and disciplined because impulsive mid-course changes can be devastating to your results.

You are looking for a solid method of investing – one that will allow you to confidently build a future. In 1990, three Nobel-prize-winning economists were recognized for their roles in the development of Modern Portfolio Theory. It helped explain how markets really work and showed a smarter way to invest. Instead of active investing, relying upon attempts to time the market or pick future winning stocks, the investor builds and adheres to a disciplined portfolio of diversified passive asset class components.

Using this practice, the investor learns the importance of lower costs, effective diversification and creating a portfolio designed to provide the highest expected return for a chosen level of risk. These principles are endorsed by the American Law Institute for the prudent management of fiduciary trusts. Keeping our interests aligned with yours, KEB Asset Management, LLC is a fee-only practice.

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